Service Charge Schedule

Sarasota Municipal Credit Union is a financial cooperative.  We work hard to keep our costs for services affordable for our members.  We offer a wide variety of free services, including:

  • Free VISA Debit Card with no monthly fee and no annual renewal fee
  • Free Shared-Branching Network access
  • Free Online Teller
  • Free e-Statements
  • Free Audio Teller
  • Free copies of checks (available on Online Teller)
  • Free coin counting (for personal accounts)
  • Free Bill Payment (must pay 1 bill a month)
  • Free Notary Service

The Credit Union’s new Service Charge Schedule is effective on April 1, 2017.

Overdraft Priviledge / Courtesy Pay Program $29.00 Per Item
NSF Checks$29.00 each
Stop Payments$29.00 each
Copy of Cancelled Check$5.00 each
Temporary Checks - New Accounts8 Checks FREE
Temporary Checks - Additional Checks$1.00 Per Check
Minimum 4 checks
ATM System:
First CardFREE
Replacements$10.00 each
Rush Orders - $25.00
Publix, Cirrus, & Pulse ATM Transactions5 FREE per month, $1.00 each thereafter
FifthThird / SMECU ATM TransactionsFREE
Debit & Credit Cards:
First CardFREE
Replacements$10.00 each
Rush Orders $25.00
Membership Fee$5.00 (one-time)
Check Cashing Fee$5.00 per item. Fee waived if savings aggregate account balances is $250.00 or more or aggregate loan balances total $1,000.00 or more.
Early Acct. Closure$25.00 if closed within 180 days of opening.
IRA Annual Fee$15.00
Outgoing Wire - Domestic$20.00 ea
Outgoing Wire - Foreign$40.00 ea
Incoming Wires$5.00 ea
Tax Levy$50.00 ea
Subordination Fees
Escheat Processing - More than 5 years dormant
$100.00 each
$ 25.00 each account
Garnishments$50.00 ea
Deposited Items Returned$29.00 member check from another FI.
$15.00 check from another individual.
Account Research & Reconciliation$20.00 per hour or any part thereof. Minimum of one hour.
Dormant Fee (after 12 months)$10.00 per month
Invalid Address$10.00 per month
History Copies$5.00 per history
Statement Copies$5.00 each
Money Orders
SMECU Official Checks
$2.00 each
2 FREE per month.
$5.00 each afterwards
Late Fees$30.00 on the 10th day after due date
Refinance existing SMECU loan month.$50.00 - more than 6 months old.
$100.00 - less than 6 months old.
Extension/Skip a payment$25.00 per loan
On - Line Banking / Bill Pay
It's Me 247 On - Line Banking
Always FREE
Inactive Bill Pay$4.95 per month

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